Frequently asked questions

This frequently asked questions section will help you learn more about screening Mekonen.
If you have any additional questions, email us! We’d love to hear from you,

How long is the film?

45 minutes

What screening formats are available?

Hi-resolution digital download

How much does it cost to screen the film?

Screening licenses depend on the type of screening you are hosting:
  • Community Screenings Licensing prices:
    • One time/one location: $99
    • License for 12 months at One Location: $500
    • License for Fundraising Event: $750
    • License for 12 months at Many Locations: $5,000
  • Educational Screening Licensing price: $99
  • Campus Screening Licensing prices: $99 / Free

What if I want to show it more than once?

The amount of times you can screen the film Mekonen depends on the screening license that you purchase, to see options and prices check out the question “How much does it cost…”.

What subtitles are available?


Is the film appropriate for elementary age kids?

The film is designed for middle school, high school and up, there are elements that would be lost on younger kids but there is nothing inappropriate or scary. The film is in Hebrew with English subtitles and is therefore recommended for 8th grade and up.

Is there special pricing for non-profit organizations?

We do not have special pricing available at this time. However, if you cannot afford the license, please contact: We have discounted pricing available for high schools,summer camps and colleges. If you are a school or summer camp, please chose one of those options from the options above.

Am I allowed to charge entrance to the screening?

There is absolutely no problem with charging an entrance fee to the screening, in fact, we encourage it in order to make back some of the money spent on the license. Our recommended price is $10 a ticket.